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Innovative healthcare technology solution at the fingertips of anyone across the United States. With results in 15 minutes, there is no reason not to keep yourself and those around you safe. Simple. Fast. Reliable. Medek Health.

$7.00 each

COVID-19 Antigen Test

Lower Nasal Swab (Non-invasive)

15-minute result

Anywhere testing at a moment’s notice.

With uncertainty and the rising cases of COVID-19, having a reliable and portable test kit that you can use anywhere is key to keeping yourself and those around you safe. With Medek Health, we can deliver to your home, business, or organization anywhere in the United States.

What is Antigen Testing?

It’s a simple way to test for COVID-19 infections. You take a sample from your nostrils and mix it with a base formula. This formula deactivates the virus, but it allows it to remain preserved for analysis. It is then placed in the test and goes through a chemical reaction. This reaction would provide an accurate result in 10 minutes.

Rapid Antigen Test Kit

No more need to go anywhere or wait days for your result. Medek Health brings Clinical like grade testing to your door. No need to make any lines or risk getting infected. Medeh Health has made the packaging simple and easy to use. COVID-19 At-home rapid testing has never been this accurate!

FDA EUA Authorized

With FDA EUA Authorization on these clinical like COVID-19 Test Kits, your can rest assure that you are keeping yourself and those around you safe. Identify acute infection with 95% sensitivity and 99.5% specificity. No longer you will face false positives or negative with this test kit. Commercial grade test kits cannot compete with Medek Health test kits.

Easy to Use

No more uncomfortable brain poking tests. With our lower nasal testing, you can get accurate results without the invasive procedures our competitors do. Simply insert into a nasal passage, circle for 15 seconds and you are done! Get the results you need anywhere.

Fast Results

We can provide COVID-19 infection results in 15 minutes. No need to wait days for a result that might put the ones you love in any danger. With fast and simple result feedback you can get back to what you love and protect those around you.

How the At-Home COVID-19 Rapid Test Works

By providing individuals with the ability to test themselves for the Coronavirus, Medek aims to shorten the life of the pandemic and get America back to work.

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